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Your View Will Change Your Life!

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My sister’s response to my last post (she’s the one that urged me to do this!) combined with an adventure filled weekend (more to follow…) got me thinking about our perspective on life. What lens do we choose to view life through? Even logic tells us that if we change the lens in front of our eyes, the world in front of us changes. We all have one. No-one is truly un-biased. The lens that I choose to view my life through, including my health journey shared in my last post is one of a loving God guiding and leading me, one step at a time. I see Him weaving every detail of my life as part of a beautiful tapestry that I don’t always understand but can’t wait to see unfolded. Without the promise of a pain-free and easy life but with a firm belief that each step is fitting into a master plan of redemption and grace I look through my lens of faith into the beautiful broken world before me. I believe everyone has faith in something, even if you don’t believe you need faith. Our roots run deep y’all, to the very depths of our soul.

Our Circumstances

A group of 30 ladies were traveling from Myrtle Beach to Charleston in the middle of “historic flooding” caused by Hurricane Joaquin. 6 of us caravanned off on a separate route and began an adventure I am grateful for (especially now that I can say this from my warm, cozy house) and will not forget.

Here are the basic facts:

6 women drove back roads through torrential & unprecedented rain, trying to outrun a hurricane and reach the safety of our homes.


pic 3


About 25 minutes from our destination, we reached a point where we literally could not get through. All roads in every direction were either closed or closing rapidly.


pic 1


Sink-holes had opened up behind us and we couldn’t go back. There was 8 feet of water ahead of us and we couldn’t go forward.


pic 2


Rescue workers were risking their lives to save those trapped in the houses around us. We were told it would be days before the roads would be passable. A stranger offered us to stay in a local parish but as we headed that way one of the bridges washed out and we were out of luck yet again. He offered for us to stay in a camper on his brother’s back property nearby. We were seemingly out of options. There was no shelter except that offered by the kind hand of a stranger. There was no hope of this clearing quickly.


pic 4

My V

I saw 6 women calmly and joyfully persist without hysterics or drama in the face of insurmountable odds.

I saw a woman who stalled in at least a foot of water calmly and quickly put her car in drive and jump out to start pushing her car through to dry ground accompanied by a song and an infectious laugh.

I saw a beautiful woman work through some tragedies she’s had in her past and smile through her tears as each turn in our road spiraled out of our control.

I saw a strong, confident woman who is 7.5 months pregnant drive us calmly and safely through rivers and trek through fields with primitive accommodations without complaint or murmur but instead with a smile on her face and a concern for those around her.

I saw a sweet young lady whose idea of camping is “a spa with massages and yoga” marvel at what was happening around her and joyfully participate in the days activities. She took many of the pics you see here.

I saw a beautiful strong woman of faith energized by the crisis around her and jump into action rallying her comrades and encouraging all who crossed her path with her energy, hope, and joy.

I saw a sweet quiet woman of faith joyfully working at small tasks all throughout the day to alleviate other’s needs.

I saw sunshine. I felt a glorious breeze.  I relished in the reprieve from my busy life.

I saw a woman who crossed our path, understandably upset by this crisis, join our group for a brief time and then left, filled with fear and frustrations by her insurmountable odds.

I saw a stranger who opened his property and heart to 6 random women who literally landed on his little island in life.

I saw a man spend an entire day in front of a computer, acting as our command center, in addition to watching a toddler. He calmly and determinedly collected information from multiple sources and guided us through country roads decimated by a hurricane; keeping us out of harm’s way, guiding us each step of the way to our destination.

I saw a man who would not take no for an answer when we hit our final insurmountable hurdle but persevered to rescue those he loved. I saw a man who again, a complete stranger to many of us, willingly put his own life in harm’s way to drive through the middle of a swamp in a forest to rescue us.

I saw love. I saw patience. I saw kindness. I saw grace. I saw pain. I saw hope. I saw joy. I saw beauty. I’m positive there was much more at play that I didn’t even see.


pic 5


I even had time to feed the horses during our whole ordeal. Look at that sky! I found out later that this gorgeous sky was a little band in the middle of two large bands of severely inclement weather on the radar. All was good in my world.

Beautiful people! Beautiful lives! Mine is so enriched by each one of them. I feel so protected, so loved, so hedged in on all sides. My life is not perfect and without trials but when you put on my lenses you see how beautiful it really is and how spoiled I am!

What lens do you view life from? How’s that lens working for you?

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Mary Chapman
Mary Chapman is a financial para-planner with a passion for people, striving for excellence in all that she does. Mary loves helping people with this very personal and very important part of their lives. When not working on finances you can find Mary delving into some aspect of wellness. A recent cancer survivor, she is fascinated by life at the cellular level. Mary recently completed her yoga teacher certification and is currently studying to become a Master Nutritionist.

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