Minding My Mindfulness

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If you asked me what my grief feels like I would describe it as an undertow: you feel like the pull away from shore isn’t that strong but if you allow it pull you away, or if you aren’t a strong swimmer, getting back to the beach is much harder than you’d think. That isContinue Reading

The Coma That Saved My Life

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“I can’t do it anymore, Greg.” “I know it’s hard…”, he said. I began to cry.  “I can’t,” I sobbed.  “I just… can’t.” I remember that day in 2007, better than I sometimes want to.  Although my loving husband was telling me I could beat this disease – I could make it through – theContinue Reading

Sometimes A Disease Can Be A Blessing

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My name is Babette Gray and the owner of Pelvic Pain Solutions, Inc. Over nine years ago, I would never have dreamed of starting a business let alone devoting many years of my life to a cause that hardly anyone knows about. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened. An estimated 179 million women suffer silently with Endometriosis, aContinue Reading

I Choose To Love

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It’s no secret if you live with someone there will be conflict. Remember your college roommate? No matter how close you are with someone you will find differences. Sometimes those differences create conflict. You can often change who your roommate is unless your roommate is your spouse. How do you resolve conflict while cohabitating? “MeetContinue Reading

Carrots Can Actually Cure Cancer

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When you hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer, you automatically assume that they will require surgery to try and remove the tumor if possible, or undergo chemotherapy. These forms of treatment have been effective in curing cancer in some patients, but there is another way to cure cancer without having to go through surgeryContinue Reading