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4 Essential Oils That Reduce Food Cravings To Help You Lose Weight

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Losing weight is a lot more complicated than just eating less food. There are a number of different psychological factors everyone runs into along the way, yet for some reason they’re not often talked about.  One of the hardest of these obstacles to overcome is food cravings.  What do you do when you desire to stop eating, but your food cravings are torturing you?   Well your in luck.  Certain essential oils have been shown to reduce food cravings significantly. We’re going to look at the most useful ones today, plus we’ll talk about how you can use them effectively.

Bergamot Essential Oil

The biggest problem we face is trying to stop ourselves from comfort eating if we’re feeling down. It’s too easy to run to the fridge if you’ve had a bad day at work because eating a cake will improve your mood, but as soon as you’ve licked the plate clean you’ll be right back to where you started. The only way to feel better is to repeat the process again, and it won’t take long before you put on more weight.

Bergamot is used a lot to help people deal with depression, stress, and anxiety. It works so well because it has a positive effect on your endocrine system, and your body will release its ‘feel good’ chemicals to promote calmness and relaxation. If you start adding around 10 drops of bergamot to the water whenever you jump in the bath it will lift your mood and eliminate stress, which will stop you from needing to use food for comfort.  You could also try diffusing it as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Some people can eat their own weight in food, yet for some strange reason they never feel full. Even if you only cook yourself a small meal it won’t help, because as soon as you’ve finished you’ll start searching for anything else you can get your hands on. You could try eating slower and it might work occasionally, but it’s much easier to use peppermint instead.

Peppermint will help convince your brain it’s had enough to eat after you’ve finished your meal, and when you feel satisfied you’ll stop thinking about food. Start adding a few drops of oil to a napkin before you eat and inhale deeply. Once you’ve inhaled the peppermint you can eat your meal, but make sure you don’t put too much on your plate to begin with.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

If you see a cookie in a jar you want to devour it even if you’re not hungry, and the only reason it happens is because you can’t control any temptations put in front of you. The vast majority of people are in the same boat so you’re certainly not alone, but learning how to control any temptations you come up against will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Without getting too scientific, you should know the limbic system is a part of your brain which deals with controlling emotions. Sandalwood has been proven to increase the amount of messages sent to this corner of the brain, so inhaling it on a regular basis in whichever way you deem easiest will assist you in fighting and beating more temptations from now on.

Lemon Essential Oil

One of the easiest ways to control your weight is by suppressing your appetite, but the way people normally do it is dangerous. They buy weight loss pills on the internet, and even though strong ones will help you accomplish your goal they’re to be avoided if you want to remain healthy. Even drinking too much coffee has side-effects, so you want to find a way to suppress your appetite naturally.

The best way to achieve those same results naturally is by using lemon oil, and once you start adding it into your daily diet you’ll begin to see results straight away. Add a few drops to a glass of water in the morning and you won’t feel as hungry throughout the day. You can also inhale some before each meal, but start by adding it to your water because that should be good enough in most cases.

Reduce Food Cravings Correctly

It’s easy to reduce food cravings using essential oils, but you should do it correctly and that means finding out why you’re struggling to control your weight in the first place. We’ve talked about the situations in which each of these essential oils should be used, so take a little time to think about where you’re tripping up. After you know where your problem lies, pick up the correct oil and follow the aforementioned instructions on a daily basis.

If you are looking for an ultrasonic diffuser for your essential oils check out our new  White Orchid Diffuser.  Just add water, a few drops of the essential oil you prefer, and enjoy.


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