We are looking For guest bloggers to write for us. We are interested in two types of articles; Your knowledge about a specific subject related to anxiety, depression, stress or your personal story.  We are also accepting video testimonies as well!!!

We Want To Know Your Story!!!

Has one ever said to you, “You should write a book about your life?”  Well here’s your chance to share some of your story.   We believe that one of the best ways to help people who are struggling with issues in life is through the testimony of others.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  Your story will serve to let people know that they aren’t going through their struggles alone.

We are looking for articles that are your personal testimony. We want vivid stories about your experience that would help others understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes in regards to things that have stressed you out in life.

These articles can be inspirational, cautionary, or articles that help people empathize with what you are going through.

See our website for example submission articles.



Focus in one specific event
Keep the spotlight on one time in your life. If you’re writing about your battle with cancer, don’t tell us your life story in one post. Stick to one important time or moment in that experience that had a powerful influence on you such as the day you were diagnosed with cancer, or the day you were told your cancer was in remission. Remember, you need to stay under 1000 words.

Be Very Descriptive
The best articles are the articles that you can visualize what is happening as you read. Take us on the journey with you, but walk, don’t run.

Put Your Guard Down
The more honest and vulnerable you can be about your struggles and victories, the more readers will be inspired by and empathetic to your story!

Article requirements:
Word count: We are looking for posts between 600 to 1000 words. Please stay under 1000 words.
Original Content: Your posts submitted need to be unique and original to Perfect Mind Perfect Body. Please don’t send posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to distribute to other websites.  You may add a link on your website to the article.
Bio and promotion: We realize that because of the nature of some of these articles you may wish to remain anonymous. If you chose this option, we will respect your wishes. If you wish to be recognized for your article, we are more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts, which we will promote when your post goes live. Please keep your bio to just 2-3 sentences. We will also post your photo as well. These photos should be at least 850 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall (bigger in either direction, or both, is fine). Photos work best on our website in landscape format.
Please Give Us Time. Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to respond to all submissions. It takes time to sort through all of the articles we receive.
Please only submit one post at a time: You’re welcome to submit again with a different post after you’ve waited 10 days.
• By submitting to Perfect Mind Perfect Body you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Perfect Mind Perfect Body editorial team.

Please email us at the following if you’re ready to submit:
• In the subject area write: “My Article Submission – [Your Article Name]”
• Your full post with a working title. Please send this within the body of an email (in case it is cut off in the subject area).
• Any relevant images for your post. (Please send as separate files, not pasted within a doc). Please only send images that you own.
• Your brief bio (less than 120 words) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages. Please put any relevant links in brackets like this both in your bio, and in the piece: [http://facebook.com/PerfectMindPerfectBody].
• Please DO NOT hyperlink ever.
• A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.

An example submission would look like this:

“My Article Submission – [The Day I Tried Alcohol For the First Time: My Battle With Alcoholism]”

Message Body:
The Day I Tried Alcohol: My Battle With Alcoholism
Article Ends
My Bio:
Marcus Rowell
Marcus is the founder of Perfect Mind Perfect Body. He lives by the philosophy that nature gives us everything we need to nourish, heal and sustain our mind and body. Marcus has dedicated most of his life to the pursuit of great health from natural sources. He is passionate about a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and alternative medicine.
Email ends

Please submit your questions and/or work to PerfectMindPerfectBody@gmail.com

We Look Forward To Hearing Your Story!