Marcus 2I’m Marcus, husband to a wonderful wife and father of a beautiful baby boy.  I founded Perfect Mind Perfect Body upon the philosophy that nature gives us everything we need to nourish, heal and sustain our mind and body.

I’ve always had a passion for natural health, but I would say my passion really intensified in 2010.  One particular instance that really fired up my passion involved my elderly grandmother.  I remember noticing her taking her daily regimen of medicine.  I specifically remember being surprised at how many pills of medicine she was taking.  There must have been 10 different pills.  Out of pure curiosity, I asked her what each pill was for.  I remember her telling me some were for high cholesterol, diabetes, itching, trouble sleeping, and more.   I went home that night and started to explore the side effects of each medication.

What I found absolutely shocked me.

Most of the medicines she was taking was actually for side effects of other medicines.  The cholesterol medicine she was taking was causing her to itch.  The itch medicine she was taking, gave her insomnia.  The antidepressant she was taking to help her sleep, caused her to feel dizzy at times.  The list went on and on.

The “cure” was literally worse than the original illness.   No one had taken the time to emphasize to her that if you just lower your cholesterol everything else will go away.   Instead, whenever she complained about an illness, she was just given a new and “better” medicine to take.

As I tried to tell my family about some natural foods that my grandmother should add/remove from her diet, I was met resistance.  This really struck me as odd.  How have we come to a point in our society where natural remedy that has been around for centuries is now the radical solution?  Why is it now so hard to convince someone that you can actually heal high cholesterol instead of living with it and relying on prescription medicine.

This way of thinking is what inspired me to create Perfect Mind Perfect Body.  I want people to know that there are natural healthy alternatives. And they actually work without all the negative side effects!

The mission of Perfect Mind Perfect Body is to inspire people all around the world to stop settling for a life dictated by pain and illness and to go out and live their healthiest life.

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The goal of Perfect Mind Perfect Body is to create a forum for a community of people interested in bettering their health through natural methods.

We would like to encourage you to comment, give feedback and offer your personal experiences as often as possible.


Marcus Rowell