Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

We’re open from 9:00am – 5:00 pm EST.  You can call us at 540-250-0684 or email us at

How do I use my diffuser?

Please refer to the video below and your White Orchid Instruction Manual for specific directions on how to use yours properly.

When and how do I clean my diffuser?

We recommend cleaning your diffuser after each use.  At a minimum when you change your selection of essential oils. Regular cleaning is important to maintain the life of your unit. To avoid buildup, please do not let water or oil inside the unit when not in use.

Over time, water, mineral or oil buildup on the vibrating disk can decrease the effectiveness of your ultrasonic diffuser.  If your diffuser is not misting well or is not diffusing all water in 3 hours, it is a good sign you need to clean your unit. A good way to remove possible buildup is to fill the diffuser  with white vinegar and water (half and half). Diffuse until all the liquid is gone. After 3 hours, dump out the water and use a cotton swab to gently wipe away any loose buildup from the vibrating disk. Do not push hard on the disk. Rinse the unit out and fill with clean cool water. Plug the unit back in and begin misting.

I lost my instruction manual. Where can I get another?

If you no longer have your instruction manual, you can download it here – White Orchid Instruction Manual.

What type of oils should I use with my diffuser?

The effectiveness of your diffuser is based on the quality of oils you put in it.  We recommend using 100% pure essential oils.  Try not to use overly thick essential oils (i.e. German Chamomile).

Are your diffusers made with BPA free plastic?

Yes, our diffusers are BPA free.

Can you turn the light off of the White Orchid Diffuser?

No, the light remains on while the diffuser is on. This diffuser is intended to be an accent piece for the room it is located in. This makes it great for living rooms. If you want to use it in the bedroom at night, I recommend putting it near your TV. That way the light is all concentrated in one place in the room.

What should I do if my diffuser isn’t working?

If the diffuser is not misting at all:  First make sure it is properly plugged into the diffuser. If it’s plugged in, and neither the lights nor mist will turn on, make sure there is power coming from your source. Secondly, possibly mineral or oil buildup may cause the unit to stop misting. See cleaning directions. For further input, please call us at 540-250-0684.

If the diffuser is not misting very strongly: There are a few things that can cause this. First, check your water level. If the water is too full, the mist will not come out strongly. We recommend filling the water slightly below the max fill line. Secondly, make sure the unit is sitting on a hard, flat surface. Do not place it on something soft, like a towel that could absorb the ultrasonic vibrations. Lastly, make sure the unit is not sitting directly under an air vent that may be dispersing the mist.

If the diffuser is making a loud noise:  If the unit is making a noise that sounds abnormal, please discontinue use and call us at 540-250-0684 or email us at

What is your warranty and return policy?

If your diffuser doesn’t work correctly, do not worry!  We offer a 6 month warranty from the time of purchase for manufacturing defects and parts.  Improper cleaning or mistreatment may void warranty.

How do I return a diffuser?

Please contact us at 540-250-0684 and or email  You will have to provide proof of purchase within 6 months to qualify for a free replacement.  You will then be required to send the defective product back to us.

  1. If your purchase was WITHIN 30 days, we will pay the shipping of the defective product and the brand new replacement.

  2. If your purchase was AFTER 30 days, you are responsible for paying the return shipping to send the defective product back.  Once received, we will pay the shipping to send you a brand new replacement.