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5 Essential Oils That Will Spice Up Your Love Life

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The use of essential oils to stimulate romance and intimacy goes back in history. Talk about Cleopatra seducing Mark Anthony with rose oil, Josephine Bonaparte of France using rose oil, Princess of Nerola, Italy using neroli oil, the ladies from the east using sandalwood to seduce the Indian Maharajah (Kings), Arabian kings and Knights falling in love with a damsel after dipping in a bath laced with jasmine, or Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. So, which are the best essential oils to take love and romance a notch higher?

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood is without-a-doubt one of the most effective aphrodisiacs in the market. This essential oil is highly priced due to its scent that even drove the Indian Kings wild with desire. It has a rich, warm, woody, and sweet scent that arouses eroticism and helps sooth the mind as well as body. Simply add a drop or two of sandalwood oil to the bath, massage oil, or lotion to experience its amazing effects.

Rose Essential Oil

Roses have always been associated with love and romance and that’s why this flower is referred to as “Queen of Flowers”. According to legends, “Rose” was the name given to the Goddess of Love. It is also the flower that was used by St. Valentine to marry off young soldiers to their brides. Dipping yourself in a bath laced with rose or applying it on yourself will not only help you relax but will create the right atmosphere for romance and love.

Jasmine Essential Oil

The list of essential oils for romance can’t be complete without mentioning jasmine. This oil gives a deep floral scent and has been used for many centuries especially in the Middle East and India to excite feminine energy. The rich and strong scents stirrup romantic feelings making any woman look attractive to any man. The highly concentrated oil can be inhaled or applied on the skin before retiring to bed. It also blends well with other aphrodisiac oils such as sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rose, or jasmine.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang has been used for centuries in the South Asia especially Indonesia. The essential oil which is derived from the flowers and buds of a tall tree is both stimulating and also an aphrodisiac. Traditionally, the flowers were spread on the bed of newlyweds to help them arouse their sexual feelings. Its rich, sweet, floral and balsamic aroma stimulates passion as well as overcome any sexual weaknesses. Apply some oil on the beddings or mix it with the body lotion to invoke romantic and erotic feelings.

Tonka Bean Essential Oil

The popularity of Tonka Bean has been rising fast especially in the last decade. It works like a tonic and helps boast a woman’s self confidence as well as exciting the sexual energy in a man. You can also use it to cure unexpected impotency, low libido (sexual energy), or frigidity. Add about 10 drops to the bath water, blend it with a carrier (coconut, grape seed, or jojoba oil), or dilute it with unscented lotion.

These 5 oils are some of the most pleasant smelling oils you can diffuse in an ultrasonic diffuser.

Essential Oil Blends for Romance

Other essential oils worth considering include; Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Vetiver, Clove, Pine and Patchouli. If you want to experience an all rounded effect (calmness, improved sexual energy, peace, tranquility, restore equilibrium) you should consider the following blends:

1. Romantic Massage: 2 drops of Cedarwood, 2 drops Clary Sage, 2 drops of Orange, 1 drop of 10%Vanilla and I ounce of Almond oil.

2. Romantic Massage: 2 drops Jasmine, 2 drops Orange, 2 drops Sandalwood, 1 drops Ylang ylang, and 1 ounce Almond oil.

3. Love Blend: 2 drops Rose, 3 drops Sandalwood, and 2 tablespoon unscented lotion.

4. Romance Blend: 2 drops Ylang Ylang, 2 drops Bergamot, I tablespoon unscented massage oil.

5. Aphrodisiac Bath: 4 drops Jasmine, 4 drops Ginger, 4 drops Neroli, 4 drops Clary Sage and 1 drop of Black Pepper.

The blend of essential oil can be applied directly on the skin, applied on the pillow and bedding, mixed with massage oil, or introduced in the bath water.

If you are thinking of alluring your partner, celebrating your anniversary, or making the best of Valentine’s Day, then you will find the above essential oils and blends quite handy. Besides helping you relax and calm your nerves, they will help stimulate sexual energy and romance allowing you achieve maximum satisfaction. Who said that arousing your partner has to be difficult, or why should you continue to experience low-sexual energy or drive? Take advantage of these essential oils for better and more long-lasting romantic experience.


If you are looking for an ultrasonic diffuser for your essential oils check out our new  White Orchid Diffuser.  Just add water, a few drops of the essential oil you prefer, and enjoy.



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