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Carrots Can Actually Cure Cancer

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When you hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer, you automatically assume that they will require surgery to try and remove the tumor if possible, or undergo chemotherapy. These forms of treatment have been effective in curing cancer in some patients, but there is another way to cure cancer without having to go through surgery or chemotherapy.

By now, you are probably wondering what this new breakthrough is, and how much it would cost. You will be pleasantly surprised to know it is significantly cheaper than either technique, because it is achieved by consuming carrots. Yes, this is not a typo, carrots can cure cancer.

Ann Cameron, a children’s book author, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2012, and is now cancer free, thanks to carrots. In June 2012, she had just undergone surgery to treat her Stage 3 colon cancer, and decided to skip the chemotherapy. She had been feeling better after the surgery, and went in for a follow up CT scan, where the doctors found out that she had lung cancer.

She was told that she should undergo chemotherapy to reduce the rate at which the cancer was spreading, and was given an estimated life expectancy of two to three years, with a little more added to it if she did the chemotherapy.

As expected, Ann was distraught about the news, especially after just beating colon cancer, but she was determined to fight the cancer as much as she could. She went online, looking for remedies and alternatives to radiation and chemotherapy, compiling an extensive list of recommended substances, some of which she knew didn’t work, because her husband had tried them before succumbing to lung cancer in 2005.

Her search on the internet led her to a letter by a man in California, named Ralph Cole, who said that he was able to cure his cancer by drinking the juice of five pounds of carrots on a daily basis. While his cancer was in his neck, he also talked about how other people had told him that the carrot juice helped cure other types of cancer.

Figuring that she didn’t have much to lose, Ann decided to give the carrot juice a try. She started her daily juicing regimen on November 17, and when she went for a routine PET scan on November 27, the results showed the presence of swollen lymph nodules, and two tumors in the lymph nodes between her lungs. According to the radiologist, they were growing rapidly.

Ann maintained her carrot juice regimen, without any chemotherapy or radiation, or making any other major changes in her life, and on January 7, 2013, eight weeks after she started, she had a follow up CT scan, and it showed no growth in her cancer, as well as shrinkage in the tumors, and fewer swollen lymph nodes.

Encouraged by the results, she continued drinking the same quantity of carrot juice regularly, only missing a few days whenever she was out of town. She went for another CT scan in March, and it showed that there was still no growth in the cancer, and her lymph nodes were no longer swollen, while the tumor kept on shrinking. This encouraged her to keep on going, which she did until the end of July 2013, and when she went for her CT scan, it showed no evidence of cancer, and her lymph nodes had returned to normal levels.

According to cancer research, carrots have falcarinol, a natural pesticide that is known to have cancer preventive properties. Researchers in Denmark and the United Kingdom claim that carrots, reduce cancerous tumors by 33 percent in mice that have lab induced cancer.

Another research study found that the consumption of carrot juice increases the levels of carotenoids in the blood. Carotenoids are very powerful antioxidants that are also known to prevent cancer, which is another explanation of why carrot juice worked so well for Ann.

In Ann’s case:

– Two weeks after starting the carrots, there was no improvement.
– Eight weeks after starting the carrots, the tumors had stopped growing and were shrinking.
– Four months after starting the carrots, all the lymph nodes in her lungs had returned to normal.
– Eight months after starting, there was no sign of cancer anywhere in her body.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to decline chemotherapy and radiation like Ann did, you can go through the regular treatments that your doctor recommends, and you can supplement it with the carrot juice, because there is no adverse effect of drinking it while undergoing treatment.


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