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Are Artificial Sweeteners Causing Your Depression

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Everyday nearly 100 million Americans drink at least one cup of coffee. On average, Americans are consuming 3 cups per day. 65% of those coffee drinkers are adding cream and/or sugar. If you attempt to minimize this sugar intake, by using artificial sweeteners to substitute for sugar, you may be doing more harm than good to your body.

Types of Artificial Sweeteners
Many people only know artificial sweeteners by their brand name. It’s important to know the actual chemical name so that you can check for it in the ingredients. Otherwise, you might be consuming one of these sweeteners unknowingly.

Here are some of the most popular artificial sweeteners:
Acesulfame Potasium – aka – “Nutrinova,” “Sweet One”
Aspartame – aka – “NutraSweet”, “Equal”
Neotame – aka – “NutraSweet”
Saccharin – aka – “SugarTwin”, “Sweet’N Low”
Sucralose – aka – “Kaltame”, “Splenda”

Below are some foods that contain these sweeteners:
Breakfast cereals
Yogurt (Lite and fit)
Diet Soda
Lite Juice (orange juice, etc)
Snacks (granola bars, etc)

Negative Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Some synthetic sweeteners have been known to increase stress, anxiety and also depression. The artificial compounds stimulate different hormones in the body thereby making you feel uneasy.

How is that possible, you ask? Even though the sweetener has low fat and low calories, it has a tendency to increase your appetite. Instead of taking one cup of coffee or tea, you will find yourself taking two or three. The interval between the drinks will also be shortened. And what happens at the end of the day? You gain more weight and fat.

Mood Swings
Artificial Sweeteners contain a large proportion of artificial ingredients. The compounds that are derived through chemical processes alter the body’s way of working. The body will view the substance as a foreign or alien object. And naturally, it will try to fight-off the substance. In so doing, the body will react differently which leads to mood swings. After taking the drink containing the sweetener, a person may feel in high spirits. However, after the effects have subsided, they will become gloomy and depressed feeling. The negative effects will be more pronounced if large quantities are consumed.

Loss of Taste
If you have been consuming sweeteners for some time, you may have noticed that your tasting ability has declined. Studies have shown that prolonged use of artificial sweeteners has negative effects on the taste buds. The chemical compounds block or kill the nerve endings, which are responsible for identifying taste.

Hallucinations, High Blood Pressure
If you are a regular consumer of Sucralose or Aspartame, you may be putting your health at risk. The chemical ingredients may lead to increased blood pressure. This comes with many symptoms that include: dizziness, palpitating heart, vision problems, hallucinations, insomnia and much more. In worst-case scenarios it may lead to memory loss, Alzheimer disease, diabetes, birth defects, lymphoma, muscle spasm, brain tumors, and other conditions.

What’s the Best Alternative?
Go for products such as honey, organic maple syrup, date sugar, juice from sugarcane, honey, Stevia, brown rice syrup, and molasses. Unlike artificial sweeteners, you will enjoy all the sweetness without putting your health in jeopardy.



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