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6 Essential Oils That Increase Creativity And How To Use Them

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The use of essential oils to improve our lives might appear to be some kind of new scientific breakthrough, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Different cultures around the world have been using plant essences for thousands of years, but much like yoga and meditation we’re only now starting to take them seriously in the western world. That works in your favor because we already know a lot of things about them, and more importantly we know the specific essential oils that help with certain things you’ll benefit from.

Essential Oils Improve Creativity

There are lots of qualities that will help you succeed in life, and creativity could easily be regarded as one of the biggest. Even if you’re not in an artistic field, by increasing the amount of creativity you possess you’ll thrive at work. Do you ever find yourself staring at a computer screen because you don’t have a clue what to do? Have you ever felt like a great idea was waiting to burst out, yet it would remain below the surface of your conscious mind because you didn’t know how to access it?

How Essential Oils Work

The reason you can’t access your brilliant ideas is because you can’t access your subconscious mind, but essential oils will help you overcome this in a couple of different ways, which are:

• Stimulating Your Brain
• Enhancing Relaxation

Stimulating Your Brain

Negativity can crush the creative process, but certain essential oils will help you overcome this by creating a sense of euphoria. How many times have you had a ‘eureka moment’ because your mind has been working in overdrive and you’ve been feeling great? Once your positivity increases those amazing breakthroughs won’t be able to stop bursting through to the surface.

Enhancing Relaxation

People are normally most creative right before they go to sleep or straight after they wake up. This is because the conscious mind lowers its defensive barriers and the thoughts running through the subconscious mind can be accessed easier. Essential oils can create a state of relaxation, which means you don’t have to be lying in bed to achieve the same results.

The Essential Oils To Use

There are a huge amount of essential oils on the market, but we’re going to take a look at the best ones to use if you want to improve your creativity:

• Eucalyptus – helps alleviate sluggishness and rejuvenates the mind
• Frankincense – a tonic for the nervous system
• Basil – provides mental strength and clarity
• Cypress – induces a calming effect on your mind
• Patchouli – replaces feelings of sadness with new hope
• Grapefruit – stimulates the brain making it more active

How To Benefit From Them

There are a couple of different ways to use essential oils to improve creativity, which are as follows:

• Absorption
• Inhalation

Absorption – you can mix a variety of concentrated essential oils with a carrier oil, such as olive oil, before rubbing it into your skin. It will soon be absorbed into your blood stream and it will make its way to your brain.

Inhalation – by using a diffuser, you can mix your essential oils and breathe them in. As they reach the top of your nose, they’ll be sent to the limbic system in your brain which deals with things like emotions and stimulation.

The easiest way to boost your creativity while you work is by inhaling the essential oils with the aid of an ultrasonic diffuser, so we’re going to look at a couple of recipes that will either stimulate your mind or enhance relaxation.

2 Creativity Diffuser Recipes

You should test out your own recipes to find the exact formula that works for you, but here are a couple of great ones to get you started.  Try diffusing these recipes in an ultrasonic diffuser:

Mind Stimulation Mode – 8 drops of grapefruit, 4 drops of eucalyptus, 2 drops of basil.

Mind Calming Surprise – 6 drops of frankincense, 4 drops of cypress, 4 drops of patchouli.

Find Out What Works For You

As we’ve already mentioned, there are a couple of ways in which you can improve your creativity. You need to find out which one you prefer by testing them both out a few times, because some people will be more creative when they’re feeling more stimulated and others will prefer when their mind is relaxed. They can also be interchanged depending on your mood, so if you were feeling exhausted you would aim for increased stimulation and if your head was buzzing it would be better to try relaxing your mind.


If you are looking for an ultrasonic diffuser for your essential oils check out our new  White Orchid Diffuser.  Just add water, a few drops of the essential oil you prefer, and enjoy.



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