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5 Psychological Issues Facing The Modern Student

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From the outside world the life of a student may appear to be a pretty ideal existence however there are often unappreciated psychological strains and stresses that students face every day. Here are 5 of the most common psychological issues affecting students around the world today.

Feeling Overwhelmed

One of the most common causes of stress among students is the feeling of being overwhelmed with the workload that’s facing them. ADAA suggest that a huge 80% of students say that they frequently or sometimes experience daily stress and the amount of work and other responsibilities expected of them in college is the main contributor to this.

Public Speaking Anxiety

Anxiety about public speaking is a common trait that most of us have and will have to deal with at some point in our lives. However public speaking can take on even more stressful forms for students. It’s one thing presenting a business concept or service to potential clients as part of your job when you know the business inside out and you knew it was a requirement of the job when you started out. It’s quite another thing when you’re asked to stand up in front of your classmates and speak for a set amount of time on subject that you’re only starting to get to grips with. Add in the fact that you’re being graded and usually face an onslaught of scrutiny and questioning afterwards then presentations can provide students with a very real case for anxiety.

Eating Disorders

For the majority of students, college life comes at a pivotal time in their lives. They are young just out of high school and experiencing a whole new social life that they probably haven’t experienced much of before. This brings with it new pressures and anxieties which can often lead to eating disorders for both men and women. Young people under the age of 25 are most likely to develop eating disorders and when you add the expectations of completing assignments, studying for tests to the social

pressures of going out and meeting people then many students can struggle. This is evident in ANAD’s study which found that 86% of students reported the onset of an eating disorder by the age of 20. The desire to look good when trying to balance a busy study and social life often leads to extreme dieting which then opens the door to eating disorders.

Substance Abuse

It’s a cliché that students are all party animals and this image makes it hard for many people to feel sympathetic to any student suffering from substance abuse issues.  College is a whole new world for many students and the pressure to fit in or just deal with all of the other stresses can lead them to alcohol and drug abuse and even addiction. Substance abuse doesn’t just refer to partying; it can also take the form of prescription or over the counter drugs to help you stay awake, focus and deal with the demands of your course. Substance abuse is a very real problem for many students and it’s an issue that is often overlooked.

Study/Life Balance

It’s not just traditional college students who can suffer from psychological strains; those taking distance-learning e-courses can also feel the pressures of student life. Often this presents itself in having to study for your course while balancing a full time job as well as a family. This can be extremely stressful and leave you feeling like you are constantly fighting a losing battle to make time.

Psychological problems for modern day students are real and it is ongoing issue and one that we shouldn’t ignore. If you are a student and are feeling the pressures of college life then talk to someone and get the help you need.

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Stuart Cooke
Stuart Cooke is the Marketing Manager for Mapit, an online learning platform for accountancy related exams. Working with students Ed has seen the stresses and strains that they can face even through distance learning.

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