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Inspirational Stories / View All
  • My Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

    Finally! I was free from addiction after a 4 year battle with meth. I was finally 2 ½ months clean. I was in that beautiful honeymoon phase of sobriety where the world that you thought you knew so well, suddenly seems brand new with every day overflowing with unseen beauty. It was then that theContinue Reading

  • How The Silent Treatment Almost Killed Me

    Most couples give the silent treatment during an argument. I know I did. It was my way of controlling the situation and making him come to me, apologetic. After a few years of marriage, we went to counseling and it was there I discovered how damaging it can be. While we vowed to never imposeContinue Reading

  • My Journey With Cancer & Celebration of Life

    I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in early September 2012, at 34 years old. Other than severe breathing problems I didn’t have additional symptoms besides generally not feeling well. In my gut I knew I was sick….I can’t explain the feeling….I just knew something was seriously wrong but never would have guessed I was thatContinue Reading

  • Your View Will Change Your Life!

    My sister’s response to my last post (she’s the one that urged me to do this!) combined with an adventure filled weekend (more to follow…) got me thinking about our perspective on life. What lens do we choose to view life through? Even logic tells us that if we change the lens in front of ourContinue Reading

  • The Coma That Saved My Life

    “I can’t do it anymore, Greg.” “I know it’s hard…”, he said. I began to cry.  “I can’t,” I sobbed.  “I just… can’t.” I remember that day in 2007, better than I sometimes want to.  Although my loving husband was telling me I could beat this disease – I could make it through – theContinue Reading

  • Sometimes A Disease Can Be A Blessing

    My name is Babette Gray and the owner of Pelvic Pain Solutions, Inc. Over nine years ago, I would never have dreamed of starting a business let alone devoting many years of my life to a cause that hardly anyone knows about. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened. An estimated 179 million women suffer silently with Endometriosis, aContinue Reading

  • Starting My Weight Loss Journey

    The day I could no longer look in the mirror is the day that I realized it was time for a change. Instead of looking in the mirror with tears streaming down my face, I decided to make a change. When I say change, I am not just talking about a physical change, I amContinue Reading

  • Climbing out of the Rabbit Hole of Addiction

    Four years! Four long years I spent falling down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland and never knowing when or where the bottom was until I hit it. Addict.  Addiction. Two words I hated hearing because in my mind I was above that and I was better than the meth that I smoked. IContinue Reading

  • You Can’t See It, But I Feel It

    I remember the first time I felt it; the shooting pain going from my stomach to my chest, the panic swelling in my head, the ‘what if’s’ pouring through my mind. I had never experienced something so out of my control, and I hated every minute of it. I didn’t know what was happening toContinue Reading

  • Starved For Love: My Chronic Battle

    My road to inner peace was far from the quintessential, “hits-rock-bottom-picks-self-up” type of story.  This particular anecdote is more of a perpetual battle that is fought daily.  I’m twenty five years old and suffer from psoriatic arthritis; a chronic, inflammatory joint disease affiliated with psoriasis.  I was hesitant to describe psoriasis as merely a, “skinContinue Reading

  • What I Learned From A Failed Relationship

    My name is Toyin and I am a young African woman. I grew up in my country in West Africa. My childhood was great; I had a loving family, friends. There were few challenges I faced growing up but they were not insurmountable. I learnt from them and moved on. However, a single event in my life changedContinue Reading

  • I Choose To Love

    It’s no secret if you live with someone there will be conflict. Remember your college roommate? No matter how close you are with someone you will find differences. Sometimes those differences create conflict. You can often change who your roommate is unless your roommate is your spouse. How do you resolve conflict while cohabitating? “MeetContinue Reading

  • Carrots Can Actually Cure Cancer

    When you hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer, you automatically assume that they will require surgery to try and remove the tumor if possible, or undergo chemotherapy. These forms of treatment have been effective in curing cancer in some patients, but there is another way to cure cancer without having to go through surgeryContinue Reading

  • The Day I Finally Stopped Binge Eating

    A defining moment happened in my life in October of 2010. I woke up one day in a panic! After 45 years of living as a binge eater, obsessed with food and sick and tired of  gaining and losing 40-50 pounds every few months, I was finally ready to stop the madness for good. ThroughoutContinue Reading

  • Special Occasions and PTSD

    Valentine’s Day just passed, and I bet if you have a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) person in your household you did not do much. The holidays have a lot of people out and about. Going out to dinner or shopping for gifts is a big task. You need to understand that your partner wouldContinue Reading

Stress Self Help / View All
  • Carrots Can Actually Cure Cancer

    When you hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer, you automatically assume that they will require surgery to try and remove the tumor if possible, or undergo chemotherapy. These forms of treatment have been effective in curing cancer in some patients, but there is another way to cure cancer without having to go through surgeryContinue Reading

  • How Stress Affects Your Entire Body

    When the body becomes stressed it negatively affects several parts of the body. How negative will depend on the person, but it will also depend on how long the person has been stressed. When stress occurs the body will react in various ways to protect itself. When this stress is acute (short term), such asContinue Reading

  • How Infidelity Affects Your Health

    You’ve probably been lied to a few times in the past week, and if statistics are right, you have probably told a lie too. The problem is that we don’t just lie about big things, we lie about little things to make ourselves look better, more important, or more likable. We also lie to gainContinue Reading

  • Minding My Mindfulness

    If you asked me what my grief feels like I would describe it as an undertow: you feel like the pull away from shore isn’t that strong but if you allow it pull you away, or if you aren’t a strong swimmer, getting back to the beach is much harder than you’d think. That isContinue Reading

  • Signs You’re Stressed That Usually Go Unnoticed

    Stress affects everyone at some point in our lives. From the moment we enter this world we are faced with the stress of taking our first breath. The stress only gets more intense as we age. Often times, we end up realizing that what we thought was stress as a child is nothing compared to theContinue Reading

  • How To Disagree Without Arguing

    Confronting a person who has made you upset can be tricky. On one hand you don’t want to fight, but on the other hand, you also don’t want to turn a blind eye to the way the person has made you feel. Sometimes it seems like we only have those two choices in the matter.Continue Reading

  • The Crash of A Marriage on Autopilot

    “I’ll meet you there if you want me to…you know I want to!” Those few words displayed on my wife’s cell phone screen, written by a man from her past, crumbled the very foundation of everything I knew. In that moment I knew her “confessions” during the past week were lies and the future forContinue Reading

  • 12 Phrases That Always Escalate An Argument (Infographic)

    Everyone has arguments. No matter how healthy the friendship, disagreements will always happen. They can arise from something as silly as an opinion over a topic to as serious as the best way to raise your children. Anyone who has been involved in a big argument knows just how quickly things can escalate. It isContinue Reading

  • 6 Ways to Stop Your Anger From Becoming Rage

    There is usually a negative connotation with the emotion anger. However, it is not always a bad thing. It is important to remember that is a God given emotion. It can play both positive and negative roles in your life and in your relationships with others. Anger can motivate you to stand up for theContinue Reading

  • This is Why Your Relationship Is Not Working

    Couples argue about both trivial and important issues. In most homes that have frequent conflict, couples tend to treat their home as a business relationship without taking time to ensure that they communicate deeply with their partner to discover the best way to handle all the major aspects of their relationship. Having relationship trouble? YouContinue Reading

  • Is Your Favorite TV Show Giving You Anxiety?

    Television is a past time many of us enjoy and look forward to as a way to unwind and relax. While TV can provide a source of entertainment and relaxation, it can also contribute to higher levels of anxiety in some people. There are several factors that can lead to the increase in anxiety levels,Continue Reading

  • The Day A Video Game Saved My Life

    In 1997, I discovered massive multiplayer online role playing games. One year later I discovered life, a life that I control and make the most of by making my choices.  Yes, one may say that a video game does not have the power to make oneself aware of their actions or capabilities but, in myContinue Reading

  • How To Quit ANY Bad Habit

    Whether you want to admit it or not, most of us have a bad habit or two that we would love to quit doing, but have been unable to. These habits range from simply biting your nails, to harmful habits like gambling, smoking, or excessive drinking.  The problem people face when it comes to quittingContinue Reading

  • Never Say This To Someone Dealing With Depression

    Sometimes you’re chatting with a friend and all of a sudden the conversation takes a turn for the dark side. Your friend is going through something rough, and you want to be supportive but you don’t quite know what to do. These sort of situations are uncomfortable for everyone. How you handle this situation canContinue Reading

  • Tips for Surviving a Divorce

    When you get married, you think that it’s forever. But about half of marriages end in divorce. This is often a highly traumatic experience, which can leave you scarred and depressed. If you went through a divorce yourself recently, you know you need to move forward and find the balance in your life as soonContinue Reading

  • How Living In A Dead Zone Made Me More Present

    Living in a world with technology has changed the way we think about downtime. You don’t have to agree with me, but you can’t deny that you check your phone more than once a day for social notifications. Be it a text message, Facebook like, phone call, retweet or new Instagram follower, we all checkContinue Reading

  • 20 Signs You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

    A relationship means union, where two people can easily relate to each other. The act of relating forms the basis of a healthy relationship. But, what happens when the essence of the relationship is lost? When its foundation is reeling under the pressure of emotional abuse? Unfortunately, emotional abuse is true and very common inContinue Reading

  • Why Silence Can Be As Loud As Yelling In A Relationship

    Silence, another day with cold stares and icy atmosphere, the unspoken cause of our frigidity resounded within the four walls of our home as though we had been having a screaming match. Our house echoed the silence, magnifying the dysfunction between us. Not that we realized it was dysfunctional we just accepted it as theContinue Reading

Aromatherapy Stress Remedies / View All
  • 5 Essential Oils That Will Spice Up Your Love Life

    The use of essential oils to stimulate romance and intimacy goes back in history. Talk about Cleopatra seducing Mark Anthony with rose oil, Josephine Bonaparte of France using rose oil, Princess of Nerola, Italy using neroli oil, the ladies from the east using sandalwood to seduce the Indian Maharajah (Kings), Arabian kings and Knights fallingContinue Reading

  • Essential Oils That KILL Stress

    There are several essential oils that are beneficial for stress. These essential oils will treat certain regions of the body negatively affected by stress and/or by treating specific symptoms of stress. While many of the essentials will have similar benefits, each one has few things that it is particularly best for. Try to find theContinue Reading

  • Essential Oils For Better Sleep

    Good health can never be without quality sleep, and this is why you need to sleep for at least 8 hours as an adult. How often have you heard this or related sentiments? But, do you actually stick to this advice? My bet is that you like many other people hardly get a wink ofContinue Reading

  • 4 Essential Oils That Reduce Food Cravings To Help You Lose Weight

    Losing weight is a lot more complicated than just eating less food. There are a number of different psychological factors everyone runs into along the way, yet for some reason they’re not often talked about.  One of the hardest of these obstacles to overcome is food cravings.  What do you do when you desire toContinue Reading

  • Wake Up and Energize Your Body With Essential Oils

    Are you finding it hard to wake up in the morning? If you are looking for an alternative to coffee try essential oils.  These oils are great to add to your morning routine.  They work especially well when combined with a shower.  If you don’t want to use these oils in the shower, try addingContinue Reading

  • 6 Essential Oils That Increase Creativity And How To Use Them

    The use of essential oils to improve our lives might appear to be some kind of new scientific breakthrough, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Different cultures around the world have been using plant essences for thousands of years, but much like yoga and meditation we’re only now starting to take them seriously inContinue Reading

  • Introduction to Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy is the art of using highly concentrated distilled plant essences, called essential oils, for healing purposes. Essential oils are made by takings large quantities (pounds or sometimes tons) of a specific plant and steam distilling it. The concentration of this distillation turns into an oil. This oil is then collected. People have used essentialContinue Reading

  • Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Anxiety

    Does stress have you down? Do you not have the will power or energy to get anything accomplished? Or maybe stress has you too wound up and you can’t stop those racing thoughts enough to calm down? Consider aromatherapy. It is has long been used for centuries for effectively treating stress. Below are some usefulContinue Reading